Custom Label to fit Pelican™ - Standard size - Design Online


Personalize your Pelican™ case with a custom Label on the front of your case.

Label size: 3.3" x 1.9"

This Pelican case label is full color, water resistant, and is sized to fit the label recess area on these Pelican case models.

0340 1440 1610 1670 1465 1607
0350 1460 1610M 1690 1485 1637
0370 1495 1620 1730 1507 1745
0450 1510 1620M 1740 1525  
0500 1510M 1630 1770 1555  
0550 1560 1640 1780 1557  
1430 1560M 1650   1605  


Just remove the Pelican placard that comes with the case and replace with your custom label

Please Note: This is a water resistant sticker - it is not the same material as the existing Pelican placard that comes with the case

Custom Foam Information

With MyCaseBuilder, you are designing full replacement foam for the base of your case.

When you receive your foam it will be the full height and slip right into the base of your case.

If you have a case already and only need replacement foam, you will have the choice to add lid foam during checkout.