Booze Case Beer Traveler 12 Custom Multi-Level Foam Case - Seahorse SE-920

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The BC BEER TRAVELER 12 from MyCaseBuilder was built for the beer enthusiast on the go. Whether you're going to a local festival or coming home from an international vacation, this case will help you safely transport all your choice finds.

  • Seahorse SE-920 heavy-duty waterproof case has wheels and pull handle, automatic pressure purge system, and molded padlock holes. Available with latches with keyed chrome metal locks or plastic non-corrosive locks, and available in Black, International Orange, Safety Yellow, Gun Metal Gray, Blue and Forest Green Camo.
  • Base and PVC-reinforced tray created from high-quality 2.2# polyethylene foam
  • Convertible cavities allow for a wide array of bottle sizes and configurations using the removable plugs: Base can handle ONE 12oz bottle (between the wheels), plus FIVE 12 or 22oz bottles (6 total in the base). Tray accommodates SIX 12oz, 22oz, or 750ml bottles (6 total in the tray)
  • Insulating properties of the foam will keep fridge-temperature bottles above cellar temperature for at least an hour.


  • CARRY-ON BAGGAGE: We cannot guarantee this case will always be allowed as a carry on since each airline and flight presents its own set of unique circumstances. However, this case is built to withstand normal handling as checked baggage should it not be allowed in the cabin, or should the owner decide to ship it. As a point of note, we have personally shipped this case from CA to NJ via FedEx Ground without incident, and many other customers have reported dozens of successful flights with this case, as both carry-on and checked, domestically and internationally.

  • BAGGAGE WEIGHT LIMITS: We cannot guarantee this case will be under the threshold for oversized baggage when filled, but it should be in most circumstances. The empty SE-920 Beer Traveler case weighs approximately 15.8 lbs. Full 12 oz, 22oz and 750 ml bottles weigh approximately 1.2 lbs., 2.2 lbs., and 3.2 lbs. respectively. Using these rough measurements, if every slot is filled with the largest possible bottle, the total weight of the case will be approximately 47.2 lbs.

  • BOTTLE BREAKAGE: We cannot guarantee that beers stored in this case will not break in transit. There are too many other factors in play besides the case itself – quality of caps and corks, gauge of the glass bottles, carbonation pressure inside the bottles, user packing, and most of all the handling of the case by luggage processors and/or shipping companies.

  • JUST IN CASE… PRO TIP! Sealing each bottle inside a freezer-gauge Ziploc bag prior to packing will mitigate leakage under most bottle breaking/uncapping/uncorking circumstances, should they occur.

In short – we engineered this case to perform with excellence under most circumstances, but things sometimes happen that push the thresholds and we cannot be responsible for when and why that happens. Regardless, you should always feel free to reach out to us should something happen which requires a repair or replacement and we will be sure to make things right.

UPC: 735424777060


Inside Dimensions

22.125" (562mm)
13.5" (343mm)
Base Depth:
6" (152mm)
Lid Depth:
2.75" (70mm)
Total Depth:
8.75" (222mm)
Corner Radius:
.75 (19mm)

Outside Dimensions

Length (O.D.):
24" (609mm)
Width (O.D.):
16" (406mm)
Total Depth (O.D.):
10.1" (256mm)

Case Information

Carry On :
Case Type:
Injection Molded
Heavy Duty
Empty Weight:
5.66 lbs (2.57kg)
Latch Type:
Made in the U.S.A.:
Pressure Relief Valve:
TSA Approved :
Yes, Airline approved
Wall Construction:
Single Wall-Injection Molded
Waterproof :