Regulation Size Floating Beer Pong Table with Diamond Plated Foam Topper



There's nothing better than combining two awesome summer activities; beer pong and the water. This durable, irradiated cross-link polyethylene (PE) foam beer pong table features holes for 10-cups on each side and has 14 other holes for plenty of extra drinks. The 3-piece design allows for compact storage and transport. It also allows you to expand the table to a full 96", official beer pong size when you purchase the 24" Expansion Insert
Assembly couldn't be easier with this beer pong table. You can assemble, play, disassemble and store with no hassle. With this durable foam, you will never have to worry about deflation or punctures.
Whether you're at the beach, the lake, the bay or the pool, this pong table will bring fun in the sun for everyone. Enjoy this American-made, tear-resistant pong table worry-free in any environment.
Whats in the Box? Everything you need. (Except the water)
- One 72" Beer Pong Foam Float (3 Pieces) (72" x 24" x 2")
- 4 3-Star Pong Balls
- 40 16oz. Red Cups

Custom Foam Information

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