About Us

Custom Foam that fits your stuff

Century Service Affiliates, Inc. is a family owned business with over 30 years’ experience providing custom foam and case solutions for every need imaginable. Whether you need a case, foam, custom foam insert, or a case with precut foam, MyCaseBuilder.com is your one-stop shop. Based in the USA, MyCaseBuilder also has manufacturing plants in Japan MyCaseBuilder.jp​, Europe ​MyCaseBuilder.eu​, and Australia/New Zealand MyCaseBuilder.co.nz​.


As a custom foam fabricator since 1986, foam is our true passion. Unlike some case distributors, we do not outsource custom foam. We do it ourselves, in our fully-staffed 39,000 sq. ft. facility. The facility houses:

  • 2 Waterjet cutters with multiple cutting heads
  • Manual and Automatic die-cutting presses
  • Vertical and horizontal foam cutting band saws
  • Convoluter (makes Egg Crate Foam)
  • A fully automated CAD abrasive wire cutting machine
  • A CNC router / reciprocating knife system and
  • Hot-melt and hot-air gluing systems.

We also have thousands of feet of foam in stock to ensure quick turnaround.

Along with our professional foam fabrication tools, we also have knowledgeable sales, service and engineering teams. If you’d like, our Pro-Design team can work with you personally to ensure you receive the perfect custom case solution for your items.


MyCaseBuilder, our DIY app, is the ultimate tool for creating your own custom foam inserts for cases of all shapes and sizes, with no minimum order requirements. With our clean, web-based software, there is no file downloading, no program installation, and most importantly – no hassle. Over 30 highly accurate and user friendly features help you create your custom case solution. With precision measuring aids and easy to use shape-manipulation tools, the only limitation to making the perfect foam-filled case is your imagination.

Our app was designed based on 25 years of experience creating custom foam inserts. We understand what our clients need and built those features into the design tool. You’ll find:

  • A special finger notch tool which will place finger notches exactly where you need them so you can get your items out as easily as you can get them in.
  • The ability to accommodate multiple depths in a single cutout so your items are properly protected.
  • A photo tracer option, to make complicated designs easier to achieve and accuracy to four decimal points
  • A tray builder so that you get maximum use from the size of your case

These are just a few of what makes MyCaseBuilder the ideal tool to create the perfect custom insert.


We carry all kinds of cases including blow molded plastic cases, injection molded cases, all-weather cases and shipping cases. These carry cases can be provided empty, foam-filled with convoluted (egg-crate) or diced foam, or with a custom foam insert. Our cases come from all major manufacturers, including Pelican,Doro, SKB, Seahorse, Nanuk, Flambeau and HPRC. If you don’t see what you need, our customer service team is always happy to help you find a case that fits your needs.

Our goal is always to have satisfied clients. Our engineers check all designs created with the MyCaseBuilder app before the foam is cut to ensure that it’s a usable, functional design. We offer two different design guarantees, so that if for some reason your design is not exactly what you thought it would be, you have an opportunity to redo it. And our knowledgeable customer service team is known for going above and beyond to help our clients get the perfect case to hold their stuff.