Foam 101: Do it yourself foam


Solid foam pads make up the base foam of your case and come in both ​PE and Ester.​ For the bottom, a 1/2" solid base pad is standard to keep items from coming into contact with the case. For smaller cases, another single solid pad fills the remaining space. For larger cases, multiple pads may be used in order to accommodate different sized items with ease.

Solid foam is appropriate as lid foam in situations where case items all sit flush with the surface of the base. Solid foam can be cut with a utility knife to make your own custom cavities. >> ORDER HERE

Convoluted or Egg-Crate Foam
Convoluted (egg-crate) foam is made from soft but sturdy Polyurethane. It is most used as lid foam because of its ability to gently secure in place any items that may protrude above the surface of the base foam. It can also be used as a base foam for thinner cases, and is good for holding thin objects so no movement occurs during transport. >> ORDER HERE

Diced / Cubed Foam

Create your own insert!

Diced / Cubed Foam is made from Polyurethane Foam that's pre-cut into removable cubes. Simply remove the individual cubes necessary to create a custom-sized space in which to fit your items. >> ORDER HERE


MyCaseBuilder offer the right tools to help you create your insert: