How the app works
MyCaseBuilder Quick Overview Video



MyCaseBuilder is filled with a variety of features to help you create the perfect case to hold your stuff. As you use the application, the appropriate options for what you are trying to create will automatically show up on your screen. Below are some examples of the most commonly used features.

Once you are in the application, there is a menu on the left side of the screen.
1. On the top is a link to our Shape Library. We have cataloged thousands of commonly used shapes. See if your shape is in our library. If it is, just click on the shape and it will be automatically placed into the design grid. On the right of the screen are additional customization tools, such as adding finger notches and changing the position of your shape.
2. The second link in the menu is for our Photo Tracer. Our Photo Tracer lets you up upload a photo of your object and it will trace an outline for you. Click here for a video to see how it works.
3. If you can’t find your shape in our Shape Library, you can create your own. There are three ways to do that, using the Rectangle tool, the Circle tool or the Draw tool. For the Rectangle and Circle, the app will ask for your dimensions.
The Draw tool will allow you to create your own shape and add it to your design grid. The right side menu on all the shape links has a variety of tools for further customization, such as adding finger notches and rotating the image.
4. If you want to see what your custom-cut foam looks like in 3D, there is a link at the top of the screen.
5. If your case has sufficient depth, you can use our Tray Builder feature, at the top right, to create additional layers of custom-cut foam.