PrintBuilder is your way to easily print labels, logos, pictures and more on your custom foam insert using our MyCaseBuilder online application.


In the MyCaseBuilder app, arrange your items in the foam grid that represents your case/foam size. The foam grid is automatically set to dark because all printing will be on black foam.

For print options, click on PrintBuilder in the left menu.

For labels, make sure that Label is highlighted in the PrintBuilder Menu. Then type in what you want the label to say and click "Add Label". You can then place the label wherever you prefer in your case, even in the cutout.

For labels, a menu on the right will pop up which allows you to change the text, font, font size and even the color of your label. Just click on the white bar and the colors will appear.

If you'd like to add a picture, click on the Image button in the PrintBuilder menu, and then choose a file from your saved images. If you do not want a white background, please make your file a transparent PNG.

If you want to add printed lid foam, just click on the trays in the TrayBuilder Menu in the upper right and click on Add Printed Lid Foam. A new black tray will appear as the lid. You can add a picture or labels in the same way you did for the base foam.
** Printing not available for cases larger than 40" x 20"