Mycasebuilder Photo Tracer

The MyCaseBuilder Photo Tracer allows you to upload a photo and turn it into the perfect custom shape.


1 Upload



2 Trace

1a . Auto Tracing
To activate auto trace move the slider to the left. Then, click Continue to Next Step to proceed. If your PNG is transparent, and there is only one shape contained in the image, your image will be auto-traced by the program.


1b . Manual Tracing
Here, tracing is done using point-to-point lines - connect your traced line to the starting point to close your shape. Manual Tracing can be activated if Auto Tracing is unable to generate a shape. To activate Manual Tracing move the slide to left and click on Start Manual Trace.


3 Edit & Scale

1a. Precisely measure the length of your item.


1b. Edit with the Add Points, Move Points, and Delete Points buttons.


1c. Scale by adding in the length.


1d. Scale by adding in the depth.