Foam 101: How to choose your foam


MyCaseBuilder offers a number of different options for your custom foam or do it yourself inserts.

Step 1: Base Foam
Your design, when translated into foam, is called the Base. We offer three different kinds of foam for your Base: TopGuard PE Foam (Polyethylene), Ester Foam (Polyurethane), and Pro-Cell.

TopGuard PE Foam​ is moderately pliable and offers a secure, snug fit. It’s our MyCaseBuilder standard case foam and suitable for most applications. It’s good for heavier objects which need to be secured in place as well as objects that can absorb a modest amount of shock without being damaged (example: electric drill).

The top layer of a ​TopGuard PE Foam​ insert consists of a high density 1/4 inch color topper laminated to standard density Black Polyethylene foam. The top face of the foam and the top face inside of the cutouts will be in the TopGuard color of your choice. The sides of the foam and the sides of the cutouts will be black. Available in Black, Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Ester Foam​ is spongy and forgiving, exhibiting excellent shock absorption. It’s good for more delicate objects that may break on modest impact (example: crystal stemware) as well as irregularly shaped objects (example: digital SLR camera).

Pro-Cell Foam ​is similar in density to TopGuard (PE), but has smaller cells which give it a smooth, suede-like finish and feel. Pro-Cell is not suitable for industrial use as foam surface may pit or scar from rough handling. Pro-Cell is available for an additional charge when purchasing foam to fit a specific case (make/model).

Watch our video to see the differences between Top-Guard PE Foam and Ester Foam.


Step 2: Lid Foam
MyCaseBuilder offers two options: Convoluted Foam and Solid (flat) Foam. Convoluted foam (also known as egg-crate foam) is the standard for lid foam, offering suitable protection while securing case items in place. It is also recommended for designs where items may protrude from the base into the case lid. Solid Foam is appropriate only for cases with very shallow lids (under 5/8"), or for designs where all items sit flush with the top surface of the base foam. Of course, the choice is yours. Lid foam is available when you are purchasing foam to fit a specific case (make/model).