Tactical Walls 1242RLS Rifle Length Concealment Shelf - Custom Foam
(I.D. 42" x 12" x 1.5")

Foam only:
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Create customized foam for your 842RLS Shelf. You are creating FOAM ONLY. We do not sell the 842RLS Shelf.

The 1242 RLS (Rifle Length Shelf) is the largest of our surface mounted concealment shelves, and one of our most popular home defense solutions. With all the utility of a shelf, the 1242 RLS has a concealed, foam lined cavity that is 12″D x 42″W hiding just beneath the surface. 

To access the hidden compartment, simply disengage the hidden locking system with the supplied keys. The bottom half of the shelf is smoothly lowered with the assistance of pneumatic struts. Optional L.E.D. lights illuminate your secret cache. 

The 1242 Rifle Length Shelf is easy to mount to the wall. Installation is as easy as installing any floating shelf. 

The 1242RLS is hand crafted in the United States with real hardwood and US sourced materials whenever possible. The surface mounted shelf was designed for use with standard 2″ x 4″ stud framing. Each shelf is pre-assembled and supplied with a set of 2 bookend style shelf brackets for added support.nds.


Inside Dimensions

42" (1066mm)
12" (305mm)
Base Depth:
1.5" (38mm)
Total Depth:
1.5" (38mm)
Corner Radius:

Custom Foam Information

With MyCaseBuilder, you are designing full replacement foam for the base of your case.

When you receive your foam it will be the full height and slip right into the base of your case.

If you have a case already and only need replacement foam, you will have the choice to add lid foam during checkout.