5 Pistol 18 Magazine Insert for Pelican™ 1520 Black TopGuard (FOAM ONLY)



Upgrade your old Pelican 1520 case with this custom designed 5 Pistol, 18 Magazine foam insert set. Includes custom-made high density Polyethylene base foam insert and convoluted lid foam to fit the Pelican 1520. DOES NOT INCLUDE CASE.

  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE - Fits a wide range of semi-automatic pistols (and some revolvers) measuring up to 10.375" tip to grip.
  • SAFETY IN MIND - Pistols point downward when carrying and downrange when opening case.
  • FULLY ADAPTABLE - Included cut-to-length plugs provide extra support for shorter magazines, and removable foam fore-ledges accommodate most under-barrel attachments.

UPC: 00858561006142


Inside Dimensions

18" (457mm)
12.875" (327mm)
Base Depth:
4.75" (121mm)
Lid Depth:
1.75" (44mm)
Total Depth:
6.5" (165mm)
Corner Radius:
0.6875 (10mm)