New Year, New Gear Promotion 2024

'Tis the season of giving (or at least re-gifting that weird fruitcake), and hopefully, your December wasn't just a montage of ugly sweaters and socks. It was the month of thoughtful gear gifts, each one a potential game-changer or at least a conversation starter. Now, as the new year stumbles into existence, it's time to shield those prized possessions from the chaotic world of spilled drinks, accidental drops, and that one friend who thinks your gear is stress balls.

Imagine a custom-created hard case and custom foam that not only cradles your gear but also gives it a stern talking-to about being more careful out there. MyCaseBuilder is the superhero sidekick your gadgets didn't know they needed. Unleash your inner gear guardian and design a custom-built foam insert and hard case that embrace the art of protection with MyCaseBuilder – where every case is a canvas, and every foam insert is a VIP ticket to the "No-Bumps-Allowed" party.

And because we believe in starting the year with a bang (but not a drop), enjoy 15% off during our New Year, New Gear Sale, now through January 31st, 2024. Because protecting your gear should be as fun as unboxing it for the first time!

Use Code: NewGear2024

MyCaseBuilder website orders only. Does not apply to all products. MyCaseBuilder/Century Services Affiliates reserves the right to revoke promotion at any time, for any order. One item, one code, per customer.