ProConnect - MyCaseBuilder App Assistance

Need help with the MyCaseBuilder App?  ProConnect is here to help.

The MyCaseBuilder app was created to allow customers to create their own custom case foam. But occasionally, you might find you need a little help to get it just right. We’ve made our ProConnect team available to work with customers to ensure their results are exactly what they need. 

A custom foam design consultation is only a few clicks away.

For a limited time, we’re offering a Free 30-minute Help Session for the MyCaseBuilder app. Our ProConnect team will answer your questions, provide professional support and design assistance so your custom foam will be created exactly how you want it to be.

The ProConnect team can ensure that your most important gear, from camera lenses and hard drives to bottles, drones, guns or firearms and more, will be safe and secure in its case.

To get started, set up an appointment below to schedule your free ProConnect consultation.

Custom Foam Perfected

Whether you are looking to create your own custom foam, purchase a pre-made foam design or have our Pro-Design team create the design for you, MyCaseBuilder is your one-stop-shop for custom foam inserts and the cases they go into.

We create custom inserts for just about anything that needs safe and secure storage or transport: from firearms to drones, cameras, video equipment and computers, scientific instruments, even watches and wine. Our advanced online application makes it easy for you to design your own custom insert. You can use one of our cases or design it to fit a case you already have.